How to use conflict palettes in Keyboard Maestro

What is a Keyboard Maestro Conflict Palette?

A Conflict Palette is a menu that is displayed when multiple macros are assigned the same trigger in Keyboard Maestro. These macros are assigned to one trigger to reduce the number of hotkeys used on your Mac. I will explain how to create and use conflict palettes in Keyboard Maestro in this guide.


Keyboard maestro conflict palette flow

Here is an example of a conflict palette: Conflict palette example

We use a single trigger to bring up these macros. Follow the next steps to create your conflict palette.

How do I create a Keyboard Maestro Conflict Palette?

Step 1: Create multiple macros in Keyboard Maestro

Create two or more Macros in Keyboard Maestro. Here is an example we have created three macros for this tutorial. A list of macros in Keyboard Maestro

Step 2: Assign the same hot key trigger to all macros

Let's assign a hotkey to all the macros. Select the first macro and go to “Triggered by any of the following” label. Click the New trigger tool. New trigger tool in Keyboard Maestro

Step 3: Select hot key trigger

A drop-down list will appear. Select Hot Key Trigger. Hot key trigger screenshot

Step 4: Set hot key trigger

Type your preferred hot key trigger in the text box. How to assign a hot key trigger in Keyboard Maestro Note: If you have not set a hyper key, go to Keyboard Shortcuts in the BetterTouchTool (BTT) and assign any key on your keyboard as your hyper key. This hyper key substitutes the modifier ctrl+cmd+opt+shift.

Step 5: Repeat for each Keyboard Maestro macro

Select each macro and assign your trigger key. Enter the same key in the text box. Assign a hotkey trigger for all

Step 6: Trigger with hot key

Press your assigned hot key on the keyboard to launch the conflict palette menu. The menu of macros will appear as shown below: Keyboard Maestro conflict palette screenshot

What is the easiest way to trigger a Keyboard Maestro conflict palette menu item?

This section will show you how to select a particular macro in the conflict palette. Here is how you can do it.

Step 1: Click a macro and prefix the name with a number

Click a macro and edit the name so that it has a number at the front. Respectively number each macro. How to number macros in Keyboard Maestro

Step 2: Trigger Keyboard Maestro conflict palette

When you’re done numbering the macros, launch the conflict palette to preview the numbered macros. Press a number on your keyboard to execute a particular macro -for instance, press 2 to execute the second macro on your custom menu. Example of numbered macros in Keyboard Maestro


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