Learn how to automate with Hazel

What can I automate with Hazel?

Hazel watches folders and uses rules to trigger actions such as moving files to different locations or renaming them. Hazel can also run shell scripts or Applescripts and can be used for tasks such as automatically importing copied photos and videos to a your Photos library or importing a downloaded .ICS file to your Calendar. Hazel is highly customizable and can be used to automate a wide range of tasks.

How much does Hazel cost?

You can purchase Hazel from the Hazel store for $42 USD for a single license.

How can I learn to automate with Hazel?

Have a look at our tutorials that use Hazel below or visit the Hazel forums.

Hazel What is Hazel?

Hazel is an automation app for Mac that helps you automate repetitive tasks on your computer. It monitors folders for files that match rules and it can move and rename files based on those rules. This can save you a lot of time and effort if you have a lot of files on your computer that need to be organised.

Hazel What other apps can I use with Hazel?
We have tutorials showing how to use Hazel with 5 other tools.

paperless-ng · hazel · icloud · scp · iOS

Paperless-ng workflow with Hazel and SCP

Get your documents into Paperless-ng using Hazel and SCP.

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Ry Mawby

3 min read

hazel · obsidian · node · markdown

Obsidian to published using Hazel

Automate blog publishing direct from file Front matter

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Ry Mawby

3 min read