Learn how to automate with Shortcuts

What can I automate with Shortcuts?

With Shortcuts, you can create custom, multi-step routines that can be triggered by a specific action or input. Automating daily tasks becomes a breeze. You can create shortcuts that automate tasks such as checking the weather, setting reminders, and opening specific apps at certain times. For example, a shortcut can be set to automatically open your favourite meditation app at the same time every day. Or you can streamline your social media workflow by creating a shortcut for updating multiple social media platforms at the same time or one that automatically adds watermarks to photos before posting them to Instagram.

How much does Shortcuts cost?

Shortcuts comes free with Apple devices.

How can I learn how to automate with Shortcuts?

You've come to the right place - check out the tutorials below. Alternatively check out the community generated Shortcuts at Routine Hub or the subreddit devoted to Shortcuts.

What is Shortcuts?

The iOS and Mac Shortcuts apps are automation tools that allow you to create custom workflows and actions using a drag-and-drop interface.

What other apps can I use with Shortcuts?
We have tutorials showing how to use Shortcuts with 6 other tools.

shortcuts · mail · obsidian

How to automate draft email creation with Shortcuts

Bored of sending the same old emails? Let Shortcuts do the heavy lifting.

Ry Mawby Ry Mawby avatar

Ry Mawby

5 min read

obsidian · shortcuts · mail

How I took the stress out of release emails using Obsidian dataviews and macOS shortcuts

Release emails are necessary to communicate to the wider business but can be tedious. Use automation to make them a joy to send.

Ry Mawby Ry Mawby avatar

Ry Mawby

6 min read

shortcuts · n8n · javascript · iOS

Bin day automation using n8n and Shortcuts

Be the envy of your street by putting the right colour bins out every week.

Ry Mawby Ry Mawby avatar

Ry Mawby

4 min read

n8n · airtable · pushcut · shortcuts

Improving your recall with automation

Create a knowledge system with n8n, airtable, pushcut and shortcuts.

Ry Mawby Ry Mawby avatar

Ry Mawby

2 min read

n8n · shortcuts · apple

Income allocator

A simple, centralised income allocator

Ry Mawby Ry Mawby avatar

Ry Mawby

2 min read