Learn how to automate with Airtable

What can I automate with Airtable?

Luckily for us Airtable isn't just for data entry but comes with its own in built automations that allow us to configure trigger-action workflows directly within Airtable. It also works well with Zapier, Make and n8n (amongst others). Airtable also has an easy to use API that we can use to create custom automations.

How much does Airtable cost?

Airtable has a Free plan that includes 100 automation runs per month. The $20 a month (paid annually) plan allows for 50,000 automation runs per month.

How can I automate with Airtable?

You can learn with our Airtable tutorials below or join the Airtable Community.

Airtable What is Airtable?

Airtable is a user friendly database-cross-spreadsheet web based application. If you've used Excel before the user interface will instantly feel familiar.

Airtable What other apps can I use with Airtable?
We have tutorials showing how to use Airtable with 3 other tools.

n8n · airtable · pushcut · shortcuts

Improving your recall with automation

Create a knowledge system with n8n, airtable, pushcut and shortcuts.

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