The quickest way to create Trello cards using Alfred

Automation overview

Alfred is primarily known as an app launcher tool for Mac – but you can do much more than that. Here we show how you can automate the creation of Trello cards via Make.

Flow diagram

Flow diagram of automation

How to recreate this Alfred/Trello automation


Step 1: Create a webhook trigger in Make

First, create a new Make scenario. In the scenario click the Add icon and select Webhooks.

Create a webhook trigger in Make screenshot Note: A webhook is an HTTP callback function/request that facilitates communication between two APIs. In this instance the Webhook will allow communication between Alfred and Make.

Select the Custom webhook option under the “Triggers” section. Custom Webhooks option screenshot

A “Webhooks” dialogue box will appear. Click Add and enter a Webhook name, then click Save. Create a webhooks dialogue box in Make screenshot

Click Copy address to clipboard. This Webhook URL will allow you to trigger the workflow from outside of Make. How to copy a Webhooks address in Make screenshot

Open your API testing tool and paste the link in the request input – make sure that it is a POST request. How to link Paw with a Webhooks using an address screenshot Note: The status of the “Webhooks” dialogue box created on Make will read “Successfully determined”. This notification means that Make is receiving the HTTP request.

Here’s how it will appear: Webhooks dialogue box notification screenshot

Now let’s add a parameter for the Make webhook. Create a key/value pair with the key of content in the body of your curl request/ In this example we are using Paw. We will use the content parameter later to pass values into Trello. How to set a Parameter key in Paw screenshot

Go back to the Webhooks dialogue box and click Redetermine data structure. Check if the status of the Webhook reads "successfully determined". How to refresh a scenario in Make screenshot

Step 2: Connect Trello to the Make Webhook

Open Make and click the Add New Module icon. Select Trello. How to connect make with Trello screenshot

Click Create a card Create a Card option in the Trello node screenshot

Click Add in the "Connection" section Add command in trello node screenshot

A “Create a connection” dialogue box will appear. Enter your Trello connection and click Save. How to connect Make screenshot

Go to Enter a List ID. Click Select to automatically bring up your Trello board names in the next text box. Trello List ID in Make screenshot

The Board text box will contain a list of your existing Trello boards. Select a board name to connect to the webhook. Board section on the Trello node in Make screenshot

The List text box will contain column names from your chosen Trello Board. Click the Down Arrow and select a column to add a card. How to view Trello columns in Make screenshot

In the Name text box, click the Down Arrow and select the name of the Parameter Key created earlier for the Webhook. How to connect Paw with Make screenshot

Click OK to close the Trello node, then click the Run once icon in Make. Run Once command in Make screenshot

The status of the scenario will read, "The request was accepted." To indicate that the Trello card has been created. Here is how it will appear: Example of a working scenario in Make screenshot

Check Trello to see that the Parameter value you entered in your HTTP Request app: Example of an Automated Trello board screenshot

Step 3: Automate Trello card creation with Alfred

This last step will show you how to use Alfred to trigger this automation. You will be able launch Alfred and use the keyword idea followed by your idea text to add it to Trello.

Open Alfred and go to Workflows. Click the Add icon at the bottom of the window. Add new workflow icon in Alfred screenshot

Select Blank Workflow. Add a blank workflow command in Alfred screenshot

Enter a name for the workflow in the “Name” section and fill in your bundle id. Click Create when done.

How to name a workflow in Alfred screenshot

Notice that the Workflow created will appear in the Workflow menu. Alfred workflow panel screenshot

Right-click any part of the window and select Inputs, then click Keyword. How to add a keyword workflow in Alfred screenshot

Enter the keyword trigger the “Keyword” section and type the title/hint that will appear when you are entering your idea. Click Save when done. How to name a workflow in Alfred screenshot

Finally, connect Alfred with Make using a curl (HTTP request). How to add an argument to a workflow in Alfred screenshot

We will use a curl command. Right-click the workflow, select Actions and click Run script. How to add a new script in Alfred screenshot

A dialogue box will appear. The Parameter $query represents the text you entered after “idea” in the Alfred input box. Alfred Query script screenshot

Open Paw/your HTTP Request app and copy the curl request code. Request script in Paw screenshot

Paste the code in the Alfred and change the text string we used for testing to the parameter $query. The code should appear as below. Request script in Paw screenshot

Lastly, go to Make and click Run once to type in a Trello card. Run Once command in Make screenshot

Type your hotkey followed by your new Trello card in the text box, and it will appear on the Trello board. Magic. Example of an automated Trello board screenshot

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