The easiest Alfred workflow to open Jira tickets on a Mac


When talking in Slack (or similar) people may reference (but not link) Jira issues that we want to view. Here we use Alfred's Universal Actions to construct a URL from the ticket ID and open it in your browser.

Automation flow diagram for opening Jira tickets using Alfred

Automation flow diagram for opening Jira tickets using Alfred

How to recreate this automation for use in your own workflows


Step 1: Create an Alfred Workflow

Create an Alfred Workflow that takes in your keyword and opens it in a browser. It's only 2 steps - Universal Action and Open URL. Alfred Workflow

Universal Action node Universal Action Node

Open URL node Open URL Node _* note - you may need to change the URL construction to match your implementation of JIRA _

Step 2: Spot unlinked Jira reference

I come across these release notes in Slack and want to check out one of the tickets. Plaintext Jira ticket reference

Step 3: Highlight ticket

Highlight ticket in text

Step 4: Hit your Alfred Universal Action hotkey

Select the workflow you just created and your Jira ticket will open. Select Alfred Workflow

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