Tweeting from Alfred

Automation overview

We use Alfred to quickly get a tweet out using Make (note - we wrote this when Make was actually called Integromat so you may find a few references to Integromat rather than Make in the code samples). Using Make allows us not to have to use our own Twitter app and we do not need to go through the Twitter approval process.

Automation flow diagram for tweeting from Alfred

Automation flow diagram for tweeting from Alfred

Step 1: Alfred

The trigger

Here we create a keyword trigger using the word "tweet" with the settings below. This will pass anything after the word tweet into our workflow where we are going to use a curl command that passes our tweet to a Make webhook.

The curl command

We use a POST curl command that references the Make webhook we are going to create in step 2. We use a run script action in Alfred and the following curl command in the action.

2curl --location --request POST '' \
4--header 'Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded' \
6--data-urlencode 'tweet={query}'

Step 2: Make

We create a new webhook trigger in our Make scenario. We copy the url address to our clipboard and add it to our curl command above in Alfred. This will allow Alfred to pass the tweet information to our Make webhook and trigger the scenario.

Click on Re-determine data structure .

While the little Stop icon has a spinner running next to it test your tweet from Alfred.

You should see Succesfully determined in green.

Next add your Twitter module and with the Status containing your tweet determined via the curl command.

Finally save and turn on your scenario and run immediately

You can now tweet directly from Alfred