Income allocator

This tiny automation allows you to allocate your income automatically. It runs a service on n8n so that anyone with the shortcut can run the same numbers.

Income allocator automation flow diagram

Income allocator automation flow diagram

Step 1. Get paid

The best step. Note how much - this income allocator can take in any amount and still split it to the same percentages.

Step 2. Create a shortcut that takes in your income amount

Create a shortcut that posts to the webhook you are going to create in Step 3. It should be a POST request with amount added to the request body. The blurred out bit is the URL of the n8n webhook.

Step 3. Create an n8n workflow

Create a webhook workflow that contains 2 nodes - a webhook and a function node. The n8n income allocator workflow.

The webhook listens and receives the data that is sent from the shortcut in Step 2. We then do a calculation in the function and return that data as a response. Something like this:

1total = Number(items[0].json.body.amount);
2treatMoney = Math.floor(total * 0.05);
3savingsMoney = Math.floor(total * 0.35);
4expensesMoney = Math.floor(total * 0.55);
5items[0].json.display = "Money into everyday expenses: $" + expensesMoney.toString() + "\nMoney into savings: $" + savingsMoney.toString() + "\nMoney into each spending account: $" + treatMoney;
6return items;

It just responds with a simple, human readable string with instructions where to allocate the money. This string is then displayed by the shortcut.

You could make this more complex if you have different budgetting needs. I really love this simple architecture - you could use it to do all manner of things.

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