Dynamically create an infographic with Excel data


We combine our Creating a dynamic infographic and Using Make as an API for Excel tutorials to show you how to dynamically create an Infographic using your Excel data.

We use n8n to first hit a Make scenario to get Excel data and then we pass that data to a different n8n workflow to dynamically create an infographic.


Mermaid Flow

How to recreate this automation


Step 1: Create an n8n workflow

Create a new workflow in n8n. Your final workflow will end up looking like this:

The workflow consists of 4 nodes.

  • The first node is the Webhook that you call to kick off the workflow.
  • The second node (a HTTP Request) calls the Creating a dynamic infographic workflow and returns Excel data.
  • The third node (another HTTP Request) calls the Using Make as an API for Excel n8n workflow whilst passing in the data from the previous node.
  • The final node returns the image to the user.

Step 2: Create a Webhook node

Create a Webhook node in your n8n workflow. Set the Respond value to Using 'Respond to Webhook' Node. This makes sure that the whole workflow will get executed before returning an image combined with Excel data. n8n webhook node

Step 3: Run the Make workflow

Create a HTTP Request node that calls your Make scenario. This will return JSON data of your Excel spreadsheet. Call Make node

Step 4: Call your infographic n8n workflow

Create a HTTP Request to call your n8n workflow. n8n Infographic HTTP Reequest node

You will need to add a query parameter to the URL - you can do this using the expression editor to select the data coming through from Excel as JSON in the previous step. Your expression should look something like this: Using the n8n expression editor to dynamically fill your Excel data

Step 5: Return the image to the user

Return the image to the user/browser - you do this by creating a Respond to Webhook node with the Respond With set to Binary and automatically choosing the data source from Input.

Respond to Webhook n8n node

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